Aspirin Likely To Help Head, Neck Cancer Patients

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Recently research has found out, nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory medicines like aspirin can aid patients suffering from head or neck cancer. Researchers feel that there should be more tests on how effective or safe does the nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory medicines prove to be.

Tumors in head and neck cancer patients can be seen in sinuses, throat, mouth, larynx or nose. Tumors mostly appear in the thin squamous cells which forms the surfaces’ tissue lining. That is why they are commonly known as head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCCs). In US, 4% of all the cancer patients suffer from HNSCCs. Since this type of cancer is quite rare, the survival rates are also quite low for this. There are a number of risks for HNSCCs patients such as – heavy alcohol usage, habit of taking tobacco, exposure to the sun, infection of human papillomavirus.

Former researches had concluded that aspirin can help in keeping a check on the risk factors which enhance HNSCCs. It has also been found that people who already have HNSCC or any other changes in PIK3CA gene can benefit from regular use of NSAIDs compared to those who do not take it. Those who do can see a significant increase to their limited days of survival. Patients who do not have any PIK3CA changes in their gene remain unaffected and there are no changes in their survival days due to intake of NSAIDs.

Detailed study and examination in mice proved that use of NSAIDs has decreased the growth of tumor by putting a stop to the production of prostaglandin E2. Latest study has also discovered that NSAIDs can also have an effective result on other cancers which include changes in PIK3CA genes. Since the experiment has been quite successful with mice, scientists are quite confident in trying out the same mechanism with humans to prove the worth of NSAIDs.

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