FAQs Related To Report

1. How do I trust your service quality?

Please go through the website and discover the relevant content. After that, kindly contact our sales team sales@syndicatemarketresearch.com to get the free sample copies of the required studies and arrange a subsequent product review call with the analysts.

2. Are the samples obtainable for all the studies published by Syndicate Market Research?

The sales team will share a sample copy with you once they receive a query. Besides this, if it is an upcoming study, then a demo sample will be presented to you. The sample copy is created to give an outline of the report format along with the sample market data for pre-sales data confirmation.

3. What steps to take if I have more concerns about the report or customization requirements?

If you are looking for particular customizations or have more questions about the report, kindly feel free to ping us a query by filling the form available with the report description page. Also, you can contact us at (sales@syndicatemarketresearch.com) or (+1 347 535 0815).

4. How do I make sure that my concerns are addressed by the team?

Your requirements on customization (sent over email or through a telephonic conversation) will be sent to the research team. They will design a consumer targeted study addressing all your requirements. Furthermore, the research team can also request a telephonic conference with you for discussing customization requirements and offer possible solutions.

5. What is the cost & delivery timeline for a customized report?

The cost and delivery timeline of a customized report will be sent to you by the sales executive, after the list of deliverables is finalized.

6. How frequently the studies are updated?

The reports or research studies are updated once in 6 months or a year on the basis of the demand or need. You can contact our sales team to find out about a report update status.

7. What if the report that I need is not listed in the product index?

We have an extensive database of market updates and reports, and all of them are not uploaded as individual studies. If you are not able to discover what you are looking for, please feel free to contact the sales team (via phone or email) and arrange an analyst call.

8. What services can I use before a purchase?

Syndicate Market Research believes in providing targeted and customized studies. For doing so, we present our clients with the following pre-sale facilities:

  • Free product review call with the analyst
  • Customized research to assist the client with adequate review
  • Targeted purchase facility.

9. In what format the reports are delivered?

We deliver the reports in the PDF & spreadsheet formats. Additionally, on special requests, the PPT formats are also delivered.

10. Are there discounts available?

We aim to support students, NGOs, academicians, and startups for their research & consulting requirements. For that, we have designed a unique pricing policy on the basis of discounts and payment proposals.

Kindly contact our sales executive at (+1 347 535 0815) or (sales@syndicatemarketresearch.com) to get access to our special pricing.

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