Healthcare & Wellness

Electronic Health Records Market

Electronic health records, more frequently dubbed as HER, are computerized assortment of health records of a patient. This EHR is utilized by healthcare providers to examine the clinical data and thus offer appropriate healthcare alternatives. The key factor boosting the expected to boost the global electronic health records market growth during the forecast period include the increasing need for centralization and reorganization of electronic healthcare systems, growing alertness regarding the

Anti-Aging Products and Therapies

Anti-aging basically refers to the use of devices, products, and therapies to reduce the look of getting old. Anti-aging products aids in hydrating the skin. Well-known constituents such as antioxidants, magnolia, arctiin, Q 10, and hyaluronan assist the moisture buildup, dismissing radicals and wrinkles. The global anti-aging products and therapies market is anticipated to witness growth during the forecast period owing to increase in the aging population, growing beauty consciousness,

Parkinson's Disease Drug

A progressive, degenerative neurological motor disorder, Parkinson’s disease mainly impacts the brain’s dopaminergic cells. The signs of this disorder comprise tremor, rigidity, postural instability, and bradykinesia. In the recent years, growth has been observed within the global Parkinson’s disease drug market due to a huge patient pool along with the elevated rate of diagnosis. In addition, the rising incidence of Parkinson’s disease and the growing spending in R&D activities are

Antimicrobial Hospital Curtains Market

In the past few years, the recognition of antimicrobial hospital curtains has increased owing to its potential capability to decrease infectious microbe transmission in the medical and healthcare sector. The textile industry surfaced with an antimicrobial cloth solution to battle with swiftly mutating microbes. Healthcare facilities mainly need distinctive kind of curtains that are made-up from 100% antimicrobial and antifungal fabric to keep the hospital settings clean and hygienic. The

Dietary Supplements Market

The dietary supplement can be referred to as any mineral, vitamin, herbal or botanical products, or added chemical substances that are included in the diet to enhance human wellbeing. Even the most careful person finds it hard to obtain all the nutrients they require from only food. Though dietary enhancement is an advantageous goal, altering dietary patterns is very complex. Thereby, it is turning out to be an ordinary practice

Wearable Medical Device

The development in industries like remote patient monitoring and home healthcare devices is likely to drive the growth of the global wearable medical device market. The augmenting focus on fitness and a healthy lifestyle are also expected to boost the market. The high incidence of lifestyle-linked disorders, like hypertension and diabetes owing to deskbound lifestyle, needs constant monitoring of many physiological parameters, for example, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This facilitates

Medical Equipment Maintenance Market

It is extremely important for healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors, and others to have appropriately functioning medical equipment. Medical devices and equipment enable healthcare specialists to accurately check the patient’s health. These are used from diagnostic techniques to therapeutic treatments, surgeries, assisting experts in the emergency hospital room, and operating table. The increasing concentration on preventive medical equipment maintenance, the rising inclination toward buying advanced medical equipment, the increasing spending by