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Recently research has found out, nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory medicines like aspirin can aid patients suffering from head or neck cancer. Researchers feel that there should be more tests on how effective or safe does the nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory medicines prove to be. Tumors in head and neck cancer patients can be seen in sinuses, throat, mouth, larynx or nose. Tumors mostly appear in the thin squamous cells which forms the

Bio-Pharma Market

Biopharmaceuticals are the substances extracted from living organisms like animal cells and microorganisms which have higher therapeutic values. Such complex and large molecule drugs are referred to as biologics or biotech drugs. One of the major factors driving the growth of the global bio-pharma market is the growing elderly population all across the globe. There is a significant spike in the prevalence of chronic diseases all across the globe. Such

Anti-Aging Products and Therapies Market

As the age of the person increases, the skin ages too. It is not possible to stop the time but steps can be taken to reduce its effects on the skin. Anti-aging products help the consumer to gain skin radiance, enable skin tightening & hydration, and improve the skin texture & skin elasticity while anti-aging treatment reduces the wrinkles and fine lines. The demand for anti-aging products and therapies is

Digital Therapeutics Market

Changing digital scenarios across the world has resulted in improved awareness among the people regarding several healthy options. Owing to increasing cases of chronic ailments and advancement in technology the global digital therapeutics market is foreseen to flourish in the future. More people are expected to adopt digital healthcare and thus, the demand regarding customized, engaging, and accessible solutions will also increase significantly. There has been a notable rise in

Diabetes Therapy and Drug Delivery Market

The diabetes therapy and drug delivery devices are the innovative type of diabetic products which enhance the diabetic patients’ quality of life. The systems, like inhalable and oral insulin, assist to inject insulin into the body of the patient without triggering pain as well as decrease the possibility of skin irritation owing to recurrent needle usage. The key factors contributing to the growth of the global diabetes therapy and drug

Pulse Oximeter Market

Pulse oximeters are devices used to measure essential health parameters, like heart rate, respiratory rate, and pulse rate. They are utilized to keep tabs on a patient’s status during or before diagnosis of health condition. They are mainly utilized in a medical setting, at the location of medical emergency, or home. With the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the count of admission to hospital with shortening of breath, pneumonia and

Cell Separation Technologies

Cell separation technologies comprise the cells’ isolation from a heterogeneous cell mixture as per their extracellular or intracellular characteristics. A great significance has been garnered by cell separation in the fields of biology and medicine as it is a vital constituent of disease diagnosis and cellular therapy. A crucial role is played by cell separation methods in treating chronic diseases, like cancer and AIDS. Furthermore, it is extensively utilized in

Medical Waste Management

Medical waste management denotes to the suitable handling of liquid or solid waste produced during the treatment, diagnosis, and immunization of animals or humans from healthcare units like pharmaceuticals, hospitals, healthcare offices, nursing homes, and others. Effective waste management is vital for hospitals and clinics as medical waste can be pathogenic and environmentally harmful. Already several treatment options are present for the handling of these products, which comprises incineration. The

Platelet Rich Plasma Market

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is obtained from blood. It has higher platelet concentration, that is, more than the normal values. The plasma rich platelets are obtained by centrifuging the human blood and thus separating it. Platelets aid in blood clotting and improve the healing of muscles, ligaments, & tendons. The growth of global platelet rich plasma market is expected to be mainly driven by factors such as the escalating occurrences

Therapeutic Vaccines Market

Therapeutic vaccines are administered within the body while treating an individual with particular disorder. This vaccine activates and reinforces the body’s immune response to perform against a disorder. Therapeutic vaccines can be tailored according to applications and can be utilized in treating a range of disease and disorders like several cancer types, Alzheimer’s disease, and HIV infectious diseases. During the forecast period, the growth of global therapeutic vaccines market is