Role of Artificial Intelligence in Supply chain

Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) used in Supply Chain? AI is helping to improve supply chains by giving them the powerful optimization tools they need for better capacity planning, higher productivity, better quality, lower costs, and more output, all while making the workplace safer. Additionally, artificial intelligence can be utilized in the supply and manufacturing chain. On the supply planning side, however, it is not necessary to use machine learning to


The global Cross-laminated timber market is given the highly fragmented and vendor landscape in this industry. Based on the published report the transparency market report was calculated. Presence of the innumerable players could provide the intensive competition. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) market had some key companies. There are Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation, Sterling Lumber company, and Binderholz Bausysteme, etc.   Glued Laminated timber is mostly used products for all laminated

Astronauts Gear Up For Lunar Exploration

Moon is being explored a lot these days. Starting from any possibility to nurture biological life on lunar surface to finding about its dust clouds – there’s many. Astronauts from Europe and experts in spacewalk are now trying to reach new levels in lunar exploration by the use of advanced geological tools, electronic devices and other developed scientific policies. During November 2018, ESA had organized simulative moonwalk in Spain. It


Recently research has found out, nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory medicines like aspirin can aid patients suffering from head or neck cancer. Researchers feel that there should be more tests on how effective or safe does the nonsteroidal and anti-inflammatory medicines prove to be. Tumors in head and neck cancer patients can be seen in sinuses, throat, mouth, larynx or nose. Tumors mostly appear in the thin squamous cells which forms the

Biofuels Market

Global biofuels market is expected to grow with significant annual revenue. Biofuels are the fuels derived from plants and animal waste and algae material. Biofuels, i.e., ethanol and biomass-based diesel fuel are cleaner burning fuels and do not harm the environment. Fossil fuels are non-renewable, they can deplete anytime, also, increase in air pollution at an alarming rate due to use of petrol and diesel have already caused a lot

Marine Internet Of Things (IoT) Market

The internet of things (IoT) makes it possible to monitor equipment and machinery onboard the ship in real-time, this help to deal proactively with ship maintenance by identifying issues and prevent failures. Further, continuous and optimal operations of machinery and equipment leads to reduced downtime and increased crew safety. Also, by incorporating third-party applications, ship owners and managers can monitor vessel performance and fuel efficiency while quickly identifying equipment issues

Advanced Energy Storage Market

A wide range of energy storage technologies has been developed to enable grids to meet every day needs. In addition to optimizing the energy efficiency of all kinds of energy technologies, energy storage enables the increasing use of renewable energy in place of fossil fuels. Advanced energy storage is a rapidly evolving technology sector that specializes in extensive advanced battery systems that instantly absorb as well as inject energy. This

Internet of Things (IoT) Connected Devices

IoT connected devices are a significant part of the communication and IT industry throughout the world. The IoT connected devices are a part of communication networks and cloud technologies. These devices constitute unique IP addresses that can be used to exchange and communicative data effectively. The breakthrough value created by IoT connected devices in numerous verticals is the key contributor for the global IoT connected devices market growth. The technology

IoT Operating Systems

The IoT operating system is also referred to as an embedded operating system. It is a vital part of the processor of a computing system including smartphones, laptops, servers, and other connected devices. Such a system is evaluated for specific functions and requirements of IoT applications and devices. Some of the IoT operating systems possess real-time processing capabilities. IoT-enabled applications and devices interconnect with other systems like cloud services and

Text-to-Speech Market

Text-to-speech is an advanced technology that can convert the written content of any website, mobile apps, e-books, online documents, and e-learning tools to audio output. It is a service in which natural language is understood and audio output is produced based on intonation and cadence. It is accessible to people with a learning disability, language problem, or vision problem. The rise in the number of individuals with learning and vision