Food & Beverage

Food Additives

Food additives are ingredients that are included within food to enhance its specific characteristics like consistency, aroma, color texture, taste, shelf life, and so on. The growth of the global food additives market is primarily fueled by the wide-ranging usage of additives within food & beverage industry for diverse functioning, like flavor enhancer, colorant, preservative, sweetener, emulsifier, and others. In addition, the increasing need for packaged and convenience foods wherein

Alternative Sweetener Market

Alternative sweeteners are broadly utilized as a substitute to sugar to sweeten and improve several foods & beverages. Also, these are utilized in lower proportions as their sweetness level is higher in comparison to regular sugar. Alternative sweeteners have a lower glycemic index that keeps the levels of insulin unaltered after consumption; thus, they are utilized as a low-calorie food additive. During the forecast period, the global alternative sweeteners market

Probiotics Dietary Supplement Market

Probiotics refers to the live bacteria that facilitate digestive functioning within the human body. Probiotics are fragment of functional beverages and foods, and are recognized for enhancing the functionality of the gut, together with other advantages, such as immunity boost. In the recent times, much traction is gained by the probiotic dietary supplements owing to the linked health advantages. These supplements are mainly obtainable in the form of capsule, tablet,

Global Chocolate Market

Chocolate is among the most well-liked and consumed food products among people worldwide. Over the years, a lot of momentum is achieved by the kinds of chocolates like milk, white, and dark on account of the rise in their rate of consumption. Further, the extensive accessibility of chocolate products along with the rise in customer inclination to confectionery items has helped to surge the chocolate demand in recent years. The

Global Cannabis Beverages Market

Cannabis is generally obtained from Indian hemp plants, like Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. The chief active compound in cannabis is THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol). The extracts obtained from cannabis are called cannabis extract. These concentrates come in various forms, such as phoenix tears, oils, wax, shatter, vaporizers, and hash with a high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. The cannabis is widely used in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries as an antidepressant agent. Cannabis has