Changing Automotive Emission Requirements Is Expected To Boost The Aluminum Sheet And Plate Market Growth

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Aluminum plates and sheet is formed by pressing through a roller under the aluminum to make it in a longer and thinner direction. They are one of the main shapes used in machining, as they are cut and bent into different shapes and sizes. Aluminum sheets are used in a variety of applications. They are used in the automotive sector and in the construction sector for insulation. These sheets and coils are non-corrosive, heat resistant and have high thermal conductivity, being widely used in the automotive, construction, aerospace and power generation industries.

The automotive industry has seen a change in preference for light vehicles, and this change is an important factor driving the increase in demand for aluminum sheets and rolled coils. In addition, aluminum plates and stainless steels are widely used in construction and the construction industry, as they provide high conductivity and energy efficiency in the construction of sustainable buildings. Aluminum sheets are also used in the food and beverage industry for packaging and storage equipment. Therefore, increasing the consumption of ready-made meals and improving the lifestyle is likely to help expand the market for aluminum sheets and plates.

Aluminum Sheet and Plate Market

Earlier in January, 2021, the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration introduced a new program to monitor trade flows of aluminum. The Aluminum Import Monitoring and Analysis System (AIM) can be used for an early warning mechanism to track trends and commercial changes that can guarantee industry or government action. The new program has long been a political priority for the United States Aluminum and Industry Association.

The global aluminum sheet and plate market is diversified based on type, application, and region. The global market for aluminum sheet and plate market is also classified based on the type into 0.15-2.0 mm, 2.0-6.0 mm, 6.0-25.0 mm, 25-200 mm. Moreover, the global market is also bifurcated based on application into machinery, automotive, electric, and medical device, among others.

Regionally, Asia Pacific region leads the global aluminum sheet and plate market owing to growing production of automobiles. Europe and North America are expected to grow drastically amid stringent automotive regulations related to fuel emission and efficiency which drives the demand for lightweight aluminum automotive parts. Moreover, the growth in the Middle East and Africa are projected to show higher growth rates amid increased investments in automotive segment.

The leading names in the global aluminum sheet and plate market include Memmert, Binder, CSZ, , Angelantoni, CTS, TPS, Russells Technical Products, CME, EQUILAM, Envsin, Weiss Technik, Scientic Climate Systems, Climats, Hastest Solutions, Komeg, Fentron Klimasimulation, Caron, and Patriot Plant. Majority of the key players are adopting mergers and collaboration strategies to make a strong hold in the competitive market.

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