Fast-Paced Lifestyle And Preference For On-The-Go Consumable To Surge Demand In Global Instant Beverage Premix Market

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Dry mixes that can be added in water or other consumable liquids to make instant drinks are known as instant beverage premixes. With the change in lifestyle of the people, instant drinks and their consumption is growing rapidly. This factor is also expected to stir up the global instant beverage premix market within the forecast period. These drinks are not just easy to make but also stimulates the body’s metabolism. The sale of these instant beverage premixes is also boosted by the rising demand for on-the-go drinks and foods, especially in the developed countries.

Increasing demand for convenient drinks, along with the surge in the number of working people is positively impacting the global instant beverage premix market. Moreover, these premixes have a good shelf life, which makes them preferable among the masses. The packaging of the product and convenient storage properties also contribute to the growing market demand. Additionally, the key players across the world are also investing in research and development activities to launch new products along with changes in business strategies to reach more people. The production of instant beverage premix yields more return on low investment, emerging as the key factor behind the rising demand in the global instant beverage premix market in the future.

Instant Beverage Premix

The global instant beverage premix market is broadly classified into type, functionality, distribution channel, and region. In terms of type, the market is divided into instant soup, instant tea, instant coffee, instant health drink, instant milk, and others, where instant coffee leads the market. As per the functionality, the global market is sub-divided into unflavored and flavored products, led by the latter one. In terms of distribution channels, the global instant beverage premix market is divided into non-store based and store based. The store-based channel is leading the market due to its one-stop buying experience.

Geographically, the North America region leads the global instant beverage premix market accounting for the highest share, trailed by Asia Pacific. Significant changes in the lifestyle of the people, change in food habits & preferences along the consumption pattern are some of the factors contributing to the regional growth. Additionally, the rise in disposable income in developing countries like India and China is also a factor behind the regional growth. China, Russia, the Philippines, and the US are the leading exporters of the instant beverage premixes in the region.

The Republic of Tea, Ito En, Inc., Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., PepsiCo Inc., Suntory Beverage & Food Limited, Ajinomoto General Foods Inc., Monster Beverage Co., and others are few of the prominent players in the global market. The players are also collaborating with the celebrities to launch their new range in the market to attract consumers. Recently, Charli D’Amelio, a social media celebrity, and Dunkin’ launched a new range of limited-edition drinks, named the Charli Cold Foam.

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