Changing Consumption Habits For Wellbeing Is Set To Drive The Global Sparkling Juices Market Growth

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Sparkling juice is a blend of carbonates and concentrated juice, with or without artificial sweeteners. Sparkling juices are beneficial to end users who are looking for good taste and health. Many producers are attracted to new types of juices, particularly in the cross-cutting category, which includes a mix of fruit and vegetable juices. Vegetable juices are gaining popularity among consumers due to their high nutritional value and low calorie content.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the disadvantages of regular drinking carbonated beverages as it causes asthma, heart disease, kidney and reproductive problems. It has been established that the level of pesticides in soft drinks is higher than allowed. The health benefits of sparkling juices affect the demand and consumption of mixed fruit juices and carbonated soft drinks. Marketers in the sparkling juice market are primarily targeting millennials because they are more health conscious and more aware.

Sparkling Juices Market

In May, 2021, PepsiCo, a leading food and beverage company, rolled out its fresh advancement, Soulboost, a sparkling water-based drink with functional ingredients and real juice. The product is the latest addition by PepsiCo’s innovation team, which evaluates real-time data and information to recognize emerging consumer trends and creates products to meet those needs.

The global market for sparkling juices is broadly bifurcated on the basis product type, application, and region. Based on product type, global sparkling juices market is bifurcated into sparkling juice drinks, 100% sparkling juice. Based on application market is segmented into online stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and hypermarkets among others.

Region-wise, Europe and the Middle East and Africa are the two largest sparkling juice markets with the largest market share due to high disposable income, greater consumer purchasing power and growth of people with healthcare. Changing lifestyles, raising health-conscious consumers, and raising awareness about the safety and cleanliness of water will likely contribute to overall growth in Asia and the Pacific.

The sparkling juice market is competitive due to rapid changes in technology and customer preferences. Manufacturers are responding to changing consumer preferences, demographic trends and economic conditions. Some of the leading names in sparkling juices market around the globe include, MAYADOR CELLARS, AriZona Beverages, Ocean Spray, Coca-Cola, Knudsen & Sons, Parle Agro, PepsiCo, S. Martinelli & Company, Campbell Soup Company, Cawston Press, Schweppes (Dr Pepper Snapple Group), Welch’s, ONLI Beverages, Alta Palla, Kristian Regále, Bai, The Switch, JUICE&WORLD, evaGROUP, SANPELLEGRINO, The Good Juicery, Shloer, SK Global Brands, White Rock Beverages, and others.

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