Rapidly Emerging E-commerce Industry Is Set To Uplift The Global Packed Pickles Market Growth

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Pickles are made by storing vegetables, fruits, and other in a solution of vinegar, salt, and other spices. They are usually fermented with natural bacteria before storing in vinegar.

Pickle products differ in local tastes and preferences, so many international and regional players are successful in this market, meeting the personal needs of the country’s citizens. Great varieties, flavors, and essential ingredients are helping the industries to make packed pickles market lucrative. The growing awareness of convenient and flexible packaging is likely to contribute to the growth of the global packed pickles market. Studies to improve products shelf life and quality are being conducted by several industrial giants. The growing variety of cultural cuisine also supports this. In addition, large companies are launching alternatives for cheap and convenient packaged products. Changing eating habits and busy work schedules has shift the demand for package food drastically, thus driving the global packed pickles market.

Packed Pickles Market

To cite, Andros, the French food company is eyeing to acquire Germany-based pickle maker, Spreewaldkonserve Golben. Andros Deutschland GmbH offers wide range of canned products that include fruit puree, pure apple deserts, fruits syrup, jelly, jam, and many other products.

The global packed pickles market is categorized based on the types, application, and region. Based on the type, the global market is diversified into vegetable, meat & seafood, fruits, and others. Further, by packaging, the global packed pickles market is segmented into jars and pouches. The global packed pickles market is also bifurcated into supermarkets, hypermarkets, provision stores, and e-commerce store based on distribution channels.

Region-wise, the global packed pickles market is presently dominated by North America, due to high demand for pickles and new players entering the segment. This trend is expected to maintain the region’s influence in the coming period. Following North America, Asia Pacific holds a considerable share in the global packed pickles market in terms of revenue. This regional market is driven by high consumption of pickles in daily meals. On the other side, the Middle East and Africa region is anticipated to register a significant growth due to growing retail chains and deep penetration of e-commerce shopping trends and high number of immigrants from across the globe.

The key contributors in the global packed pickles market include some leading names such as Reitzel S.A., ADF FOODS LTD, Mitoku Company Ltd., Nilons Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Pinnacle Foods Inc., The Kraft Orkla ASA (MTR Foods), Heinz Company, Del Monte Foods Inc., Peter Piper’s Pickle Palace Inc, and Mt Olive Pickles,  among others.

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