Constant Developments In Infrastructure Monitoring Offerings To Boost Global Infrastructure Monitoring Market Growth

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Infrastructure monitoring entails monitoring and analytical tools for examining the condition of the infrastructure. The course includes the gathering and assessment of important information about the infrastructure. It offers the vital information needed by the infrastructure manager to comprehend the infrastructure’s status and also assists them in the infrastructure’s efficient management.

Infrastructure Monitoring

The global infrastructure monitoring market is expected to grow during the forecast owing to the increasing reliance of the business procedures, both external and internal on infrastructure monitoring. In addition, the rising intricacy in infrastructure management has resulted in infrastructure monitoring solutions becoming a vital requirement, which is why the businesses are continually striving to make advancement and development in infrastructure monitoring offerings. And this growth in the infrastructure monitoring market is projected to bring in numerous expansion prospects for the market in the years to come.

The global infrastructure monitoring market is categorized based on technology, application, end-user, component, and region. Based on technology, the market is segmented into wireless and wired. Among these, the wireless segment is anticipated to witness considerable expansion during the forecast period on account of the maintenance ease presented by wireless systems. Based on component, the market is divided into sensors, hardware, data acquisition systems (DAS) & communication systems. Based on end-user, the market is segregated into energy, aerospace, civil, defense, mining, and others). Based on application, the market is bifurcated into crack detection, state sensing, damage detection, corrosion monitoring, multi-modal sensing, impact monitoring, hotspot monitoring, and strain monitoring.

Regionally, the global infrastructure monitoring market is projected to be dominated by North America during the forecast period. This regional expansion can be credited to the escalated usage of monitoring systems within the United States. Also, the initiatives taken by the governments of the North and South American nations for the implementation of monitoring systems for diverse applications along with the aging infrastructure and fast-growing infrastructure facilities in Canada & Brazil are expected to fuel the market expansion in this region.

The prominent players active within the global infrastructure monitoring market consist of Sixense, Structural Monitoring Systems Ltd., RST Instruments Ltd., Geomotion Singapore, Acellent Technologies, Inc., Campbell Scientific, Inc., Geocomp Corporation, Digitexx Data Systems, Inc., and Cowi, among others. Numerous firms are expanding geographically so as to set a strong foot within the market and increase their market share. To cite, in 2017, COWI, a Denmark-located firm, procured a Swedish firm, Projektbyrån, which presents project management services. This procurement was projected to be beneficial for COWI to grow further utilizing significant proficiencies of Projektbyrån across numerous intricate ventures.

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