Rising Awareness And Health Consciousness To Drive The Growth of Global Dietary Supplements Market

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The dietary supplement can be referred to as any mineral, vitamin, herbal or botanical products, or added chemical substances that are included in the diet to enhance human wellbeing. Even the most careful person finds it hard to obtain all the nutrients they require from only food. Though dietary enhancement is an advantageous goal, altering dietary patterns is very complex. Thereby, it is turning out to be an ordinary practice that several individuals are gulping dietary supplements to increase the daily nutrient intake so that they might have a healthier lifestyle. The dietary supplements span from vitamin capsules of kids to supplant muscle building courses for sportspersons, to whey powders to sports nutritional products sold to adults. Thus, the makeup of dietary supplements varies on the basis of targeted customer age. As customers across the globe become more conscious about the advantages of dietary supplements, they are anticipated to ask for more, thereby assisting the market to achieve traction.

Dietary Supplements Market

The expansion of the global dietary supplements market can be attributed to a range of factors like the developing nations and the consequently rising income of customers, the increasing alertness regarding nutrition, growing elderly population, hectic lifestyle, and rising prevalence of chronic conditions. Further, the demand for dietary supplements has increased owing to the increasing health concerns together with altering diets and lifestyles. Also, a positive attitude toward sports nutrition is another key factor in driving market expansion. A rise in the count of the global sports event such as the Indian Premium league and Big Bash have compelled athletes to concentrate on their physical strength. Further, the increase in the number of gymnasiums and sports complex is also projected to fuel the market expansion in the coming years.

The swift urbanization rate, rising consumer alertness about health problems, and the rise in disposable income are few other factors that are anticipated to drive the growth of the dietary supplements market during the coming period. Also, approving viewpoint toward medical nutrition owing to the increasing incidence of cardiovascular diseases together with weight management courses is projected to surge the product demand. In addition, medical discoveries, rising healthcare costs, food innovation, altering lifestyle, and probabilities about their higher prices have fueled the market growth.

Besides, the dietary supplements market is also propelled by the hectic work agendas among working people together with variations in diet breaks. Such factors have surged the sale of nutritional and dietary supplements in a number of forms such as liquids, capsules, and powder worldwide. The increasing significance of microencapsulation within the pharma industry to ascertain color traits and the quality of final components is expected to drive the makers of the dietary supplement to utilize capsule dosage forms in the years to come.

Nevertheless, apart from the sweeping demand among modern-day customers about dietary supplements—that, in fact, is a noteworthy growth driver—strictness in international rules in relation to dietary supplements and their components is expected impacted the market growth, leading to several bans and recalls. FDA, in a recent development, has issued numerous warning memos to dietary food supplements manufacturers who added DMHA (1,5-Dimethylhexylamine and phenibut) as a key component.

However, numerous approaches—such as collaborations, M&As, and product launches—implemented by the market players are anticipated to help the boost during the forecast period. To cite, at 2020’s start, a US-located brand, GNC, declared its collaborative affiliation with Renmintongtai, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group’s pharmacy chain, and introduced 4 “blue hat” products that bring up nutritional supplements products authorized by the National Medical Products Administration. These 4 novel products launched to the market are Co-enzyme Q10 & natural Vitamin E softgel; Melatonin & Vitamin B6 capsule; Conjugated linoleic acid, green tea, & L-carnitine softgel; and Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate & calcium capsule covering several occurrences for individuals of diverse generations.

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