Increasing Awareness About Fire Protection Systems To Drive Global Fire Alarm Systems Market Growth

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A detection system, fire alarm system is intended to safeguard the building dwellers in the case of gas leaks and fires. The building areas are constantly monitored by the system for harmful gases & fire. It delivers early warning in order to take appropriate mitigating actions with a timely approach. The fire alarm gets activated as soon as it senses the smoke & fire and warns the population through alarm devices like speaker strobes or pull stations sounding an alarm. At present, the deployment of fire alarms is made obligatory in several residential, industrial, and commercial setups as a measure of safety norms across the world.

Fire Alarm Systems Market

The key factors contributing to the growth of the global fire alarm systems market is the rising alertness regarding fire protection systems and advantages of better technology for prevention of fire. Also, the market has observed substantial growth during the last few years owing to advancements in technology. Further, the count of firms in the market making efforts to develop fire alarm systems considering technological advancement is escalating. In the coming period, as fire hazard safety compliances become stringent in budding nations, the need for fire alarm systems is projected to surge thereby further fueling the growth of the global fire alarm systems market. In addition, there is a rise in initiative undertaken by a number of fire departments in order to make people aware about safety. To cite, a partnership was formed between NFPA, Melrose Domino’s, and Stoneham Fire Department in October 2019 to create alertness about the requirement for fire protection devices and encourage safety.

The global fire alarm system market is bifurcated based on detection type, technology, application, and region. The market, by technology, is categorized into Conventional Systems and Addressable Systems. The market, by detection type, is classified into heat detectors, smoke detector, and flame detectors. The market, by application, is divided into industrial, residential, and commercial.

Regionally, the global fire alarm system market is projected to be dominated by North America during the forecast period due to the enforcement of strict safety norms & regulations, the thriving infrastructural improvements along with existence of prominent fire alarm system manufacturers. Also, Asia Pacific is anticipated to observe substantial expansion driven by swift urbanization and industrial activities in budding countries like Japan, China, and India.

The major players within the global fire alarm systems market comprise Napco Security Technologies, Inc.; Johnson Controls; NITTAN COMPANY, LTD.; Honeywell International Inc.; Siemens Building Technologies; Hochiki Corporation; Space Age Electronics; Halma plc; Gentex Corporation; United Technologies Corporation; Robert Bosch GmbH, and Eaton.

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