Rising Health-Consciousness Among People To Drive Global Hemp Seed Milk Market Growth

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Hemp is a quick-growing and environment-friendly crop that is loaded with nutrients and several minerals & fats. It is derived from whole hemp seeds and is the superlative substitute to cow milk. Hemp seed milk offers numerous advantages such as it enhances skin health, averts heart disease, decreases the possibility of allergies, and so on. It offers health advantages in terms of less sweetened and low calories food products.

The global hemp seed milk market is achieving momentum owing to the rising count of health-conscious population, the rising alertness of fitness, and the growing need for organic food & beverages. Further, growing preference for healthier foodstuffs among customers has made them test several substitutes that comprise the hemp seed milk products. Already several cafes have begun utilizing hemp seed milk for preparing latte coffees, thereby driving the growth of global hemp seed milk market. Other major factors fueling for the growth of global hemp milk market include milk allergy and lactose intolerance, both of which aren’t a constituent of hemp seed milk products. To cite, in October 2019, Good Hemp launched the foremost CBD plant-based milk in the United Kingdom. It included Good Hemp CBD Barista Seed Milk along with Good Hemp CBD Chocolate Hemp Milk and Good Hemp CBD Creamy Seed Milk.

Hemp Seed Milk Market

The global hemp seed milk market can be diversified based on flavor, category, distribution channel, product type, and region. By flavors, the market is bifurcated into unflavored and flavored. By category, the market is segregated into unsweetened and sweetened. Among these, sweetened milk segment governs the market owing to the improved taste and new flavors. By product type, the market is classified into non-organic and organic. The rising alertness of organic food along with the growing per capita on organic food products are factors projected to drive the growth of the organic hemp milk segment during the years to come. By distribution channel, the market is bifurcated into offline and online.

Regionally, the global hemp seed milk market is expected to be dominated by North America during the forecast period. The regional expansion can be attributed to factors such as rising alertness & growing requirement for hemp-based products, the intensifying vegan population, the mounting requirement for plant-based or non-dairy milk, and the altering regulatory scenario.

Few of the prominent players in global hemp seed milk market include Ecomil, Good Hemp, Lovetree products, Good, Braham and Murray, Missha, GOURMEO, Legion Athletics, Handmade Naturals, Living Harvest, AMOS, NATURES GATE, Pacific, Better Living Products, Natural Healing House, and LESHP.

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