Antioxidant & Anti Inflammatory Properties Of Cannabidiol Boosting The Global Cannabis Infused Beauty Products Market

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The cannabis-infused beauty products market is principally driven by augmenting awareness with regard to the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) infused personal care products. CBD is a naturally derived compound from the cannabis plant. Though CBD is obtained in the marijuana plant, it is non-psychoactive and lawful to purchase in its isolated form. Usually, CBD is been studied for its anti-anxiety and pain-relieving properties, but, the latest studies have stated that it has therapeutic benefits when applied to the skin. The increasing adoption of CBD skincare products across North America, backed by the legalization of cannabis cultivation, is likely to augment the expansion of the CBD skincare market.

Global Cannabis Infused Beauty Products Market

CBD is considered effective and safe for all skin types but is specifically useful for people who suffer from inflammatory conditions, sensitivity, acne, and dryness related to skin. Due to these strong inflammatory characteristics, CBD aids in the natural healing process of the skin, lowering the lifetime of eczema flare-ups and breakouts. CBD also exhibits potential antioxidant characteristics that can aid in neutralizing symptoms of aging. It can even aid in decreasing the pain in inflammatory skin conditions. The healing characteristics of these ingredients are likely to promote the producers to advance products infused with CBD benefits.

Sephora launched a special section in its stores exclusively dedicated to CBD skincare products. In addition, Ulta Beauty—popular for its large network of beauty stores presenting skincare products and cosmetics—is also planning to dedicate a particular section for such products. The luxury retailers are targeting on launching CBD infused products, like Originals Hemp Mask by Estee Lauder Companies, Murad’s Hemp Serum by Unilever, and Kiehl’s Cannabis Serum by L’Oreal. These products are gaining popularity in the personal care market and are extremely beneficial for aging, acne, and wrinkle-prone skin conditions owing to their anti-inflammatory characteristics. CBD oil also has antioxidant properties, which aid in decreasing the evident signs of aging.

The CBD-infused serums and masks are anticipated to witness strong growth in terms of revenue in the market. This scenario is accredited to the mounting demand for facial serums and mask sheets that are easy to apply and penetrate deep into the skin. The hemp-based skincare products have high fatty acid content and help in lessening the discomfort by rejuvenating & soothing dry and damaged skin. They also control the aging problems that are expected to boost the application of this source. The CBD oils are mainly used as an active aromatherapy element by sleep specialists. The alleviating characteristics of CBD oil are responsible for better sleep in patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Furthermore, CBD oil-infused products are also used for the treatment of psoriasis owing to their anti-inflammatory properties.

The personal care industry is witnessing a major shift toward CBD-infused skincare products. As per California-based HIA (Hemp Industries Association), hemp-based personal care products were sold in 2015 in the U.S. market worth $147 million. The sale of American-manufactured hemp-based personal care products has been augmented two-fold due to the adoption of multi-channel distribution by private labelers, wholesalers, and other importers. These stakeholders are advancing a special product line of CBD-infused personal care products, which comprises hand care, skincare, and lip moisturizer products.

Speaking of the cannabis-infused beauty products market, many key players in the market are partnering & collaborating which is eventually fueling the growth. Recently, Flora Growth—an organic cannabis manufacturer—announced the plans to acquire Cronomed, a Columbian nutritional & dietary supplement supplier. Flora Growth produces organic cannabis oil and CBD-infused food & beverage cosmetic-grade, pharmaceutical-grade, medical derivatives from the cannabis plants for a broad variety of aspects as well as dietary and nutritional supplements.

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