Adoption of Sustainable Manufacturing By Retailers To Drive The Growth Of Global Denim Jeans Market

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The apparel world has been ruled by denim jeans as the best-loved clothing across the world for a long time now. They are a type of pants usually crafted from denim fabric and are extremely famous casual bottom wear at present across the world. Denim jeans are worn as a shielding garment by few people such as motorcycle riders and cattle ranch workers, owing to their durability and comfort. The recent trend to dress in casual clothes in a majority of offices is the key factor fueling the growth of the denim jeans market. Owing to the elevated stipulation for casual wear worldwide, particularly among youngsters, the denim jeans market is expected to witness substantial growth during the coming period.

Global Denim Jeans Market


Further, the rising target population globally and increase in disposable income levels of customers, particularly in budding nations such as China and India, are anticipated to drive the market growth. Also, continuous product improvements and enhancing living standards are projected to fuel the demand for denim jeans. Increasing alertness about the accessibility to numerous products, like high rise, boot cut, skinny, cropped, regular fit, and tapered jeans, is also adding positively to the growth of the market. Moreover, the increase in branded apparel demand is also expected to boost market expansion. Apart from this, the impact of social media platforms is also likely to drive market demand. Besides, the rising apparel market with the launch of branded and premium products is projected to have a considerable influence on the expansion of the denim jeans market.

The amplified implementation of sustainable manufacturing by merchants is among the notable factors propelling the growth of the denim jeans market. High-grade fabrics obtained from woods are utilized for making denim jeans. It entails the use of huge amounts of synthetic fiber, stretch yarn, cotton, and numerous chemicals. This has resulted in deforestation worries along with the generation of industrial and environmental waste. The rising alertness about the damaging impacts and ecological disproportion resulted from these activities has compelled the merchants to implement sustainable manufacturing methods. Also, they are undertaking several initiatives and collaborating with numerous sustainable fashion industry groups to attain considerable sustainability. Thus, the espousal of such sustainable and eco-friendly steps by players is anticipated to drive the denim jeans market growth in the near future.

As the market of health-conscious and ethical customers increases, so does the need for more sustainable fabric. Within the 2017–18 crop year, the worldwide organic cotton production was amplified by 56%—the biggest organic cotton production since the downturn. Recently, the usage of organic cotton has been doubled by several firms. Organic Cotton Capsule cluster of denim fabrics was launched by Cone Denim as well as Taylor Stitch and Isko has teamed up to launch the foremost 100% organic cotton jean this year.

Also, to fulfill the demands of the customers, the brands are strengthening their commitments to responsible production efforts and introducing more sustainable collections. Since 2017, the “sustainable” retail products have been escalated by 125%. Lately, a sustainable capsule collection was introduced by Diesel and Coco-Cola, whereas a sustainable denim line was debuted by Frame that it intends to expand in the next year. Further, key players in the denim jeans market are emphasizing on approaches like mergers to enhance their existence in the market. To cite, a new strategic affiliation was created by Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation (PVH Corporation) with LI & Fung Limited in 2017 for a new supply chain relationship. This association was expected to assist PVH Corporation to make a more efficient and effective supply chain. Also, mergers & acquisitions and strategic partnerships are anticipated to stay the key approach in the coming years thus fueling the growth of the global denim jeans market.

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