Innovation In Snacking Products To Drive The Global Cookies And Crackers Market Growth

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Cookies and crackers are usually two different types of snacks that are consumed with tea or coffee. Crackers are crunchy, flat, with a small and salty taste, while the cookies are sweet and have rough texture. Cookies and crackers are made with cereal dough and can be made at home or in the store. Cookies are also termed as savory biscuits in some markets. Cookies, on the other hand, are usually flavored or seasoned with sugar, vanilla, chocolate, ginger, peanut butter, dried fruit, cinnamon, caramel, and nuts.

Changing consumer tastes and buying impulsively are the main drivers of the global cookies and crackers market. Cookies and crackers are generally preferred and consumed regularly by people of all ages across the globe. Cookies are made with multiple types such as sugar-free options for diabetics, fruit-flavored cookies for children, low-sugar, to meet the demand from a wide variety of customers. Some cookies and crackers makers make gourmet products, which are rich in flavor and popular among premium consumers. With the transition from trans fats to whole grains and low-fat biscuits, the biscuit category has become consumers’ favorite food. Small manufacturers are likely to find the opportunity to enter the market, as the low-calorie, low-fat biscuit segment is on the rise. These are some of the trends that drive the growth of the global cookies and crackers market.

Cookies and Crackers

To cite, Mondelez International acquired the US-based fast-growing snacking company HU Master Holdings in view to tap cross-category crackers and diversify the expansion and distribution through premium retail and e-commerce. The primary investment of the acquisition deal came from SnackFutures, Mondelez’s venture initiative.

The global cookies and crackers market is broadly diversified based on its types, application, and region. Based on the type, the global market is categorized into savory biscuits and sweet biscuits (cookies). Considering the distribution channel segment of cookies and crackers market, it is classified into supermarkets & hypermarkets, specialist stores, independent retailers, convenience stores, and online retailers.

The region-wise insights estimate that North America is poised to take a largest share in the global cookies and crackers in terms of revenue, following its previous trails. The Asia Pacific region is expected to see considerable growth in the forecast period, due to rapidly growing retail segment, driven by food and snacks manufacturers.

Some of the leading entities influencing the growth of the global cookies and crackers market are Mondelez International Inc., Campbell Soup, Kellogg Co., Pepperidge Farm, The Kraft Heinz Company, General Mills Inc., McKee Foods Corp., Unilever PLC, The Hershey Company, Nestlé S.A., Britannia Industries Ltd., Parle Products Pvt. Ltd, Lotus Bakeries NV, Burton’s Foods Ltd, Walkers Shortbread Ltd, ITC, United Biscuits, and Cadbury, among others.

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