Startup Revolution In Instant Food Sector To Ramp Up Global Ready Meals Market Growth

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The global ready meals market is anticipated to grow at aggressive pace owing to the growing workload of companies and the population, which has reduced the time to prepare food after a busy working day. This has led to its advantage over common meals, as they are easier to prepare in less time and easier to consume. In addition, it is gaining popularity among young people and teenagers because it acts as a cheaper substitute for junk food and is available in several stores and supermarkets. Supermarkets and food companies including wide range of ready meals that are now have their own range of ‘healthier’ ready meals as an alternative to traditional ready meals.

The Giant Company, an American supermarket chain has introduced ready-to-eat meals with the servings of four. The All Set in a Box meals comes with side dishes and a main course to feed four people. The options available in the meals include eight-piece chicken meals, chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, coleslaw, pepper slaw, macaroni, taco kits, ribs, cornbread, and biscuits.

Ready Meals Market

The global ready meals market is broadly diversified based on type, distribution channels, and region. The global market for ready meals is segmented into frozen ready meals, dried ready meals, chilled ready meals, and canned ready meals. Based on the distribution channels, the global ready meals market is categorized into convenience stores, supermarkets, online retailers, hypermarkets, and other distribution channels.

Considering the geographical insights, North America is estimated acquire a leading position in the global ready meals market owing to presence of large working population. Followed by Asia Pacific region is poised to attain a dominating position in the coming period owing to large pool of consumer base, rapid industrialization, and growing population. Moreover, availability of gluten-free products, frozen salads, and vegetables is expected to drive the European ready meals market.

Companies dealing in ready meals segment are investing heavily in research and development to bring innovative products and stay competitive in the global market. Some of the leading players driving the global ready meals market include Greencore Group Plc., Nestle, Northern Food Ltd., Bakkavor Foods Ltd., Kerry Foods Ltd., JH Heinz Company Ltd., and ConAgra among others.  Manufacturers that contributing in the market are more inclined towards merger and acquisitions following their business strategy to cater the booming demand for ready meals in the different locations.

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